Email Marketing

Entrust your EmailMarketing to the team at GWS, and you’ll know exactly where you stand and what you’ll get. Our combine proven “old school” sales techniques with innovative modern thinking make us different from other direct marketing agencies.

Deep down, people really haven’t changed that much.

The persuasive direct mail principles that worked so effectively for customers 20 years ago still work today, via an eDM campaign or an offer on social media.Email marketing is supremely affordable and fully measurable, plus you can test it and test it to the nth degree to see what works best.All it takes is knowing precisely who to target, how and when, and then hitting them with a strong, persuasive message with a compelling offer.

At GWS we thrive on Email marketing. We love the challenge and reward of coming up with original ideas that will increase appeal, generate greater response and build your business.

eMail (eDM)

Emails have been around for a long time now – they even outdate the internet – and there’s no sign that they are going away anytime soon. Emails are becoming more and more popular. Emails are quick and easy to produce – almost instantaneous compared with printed letters and mail-outs.That means you can take advantage of some timely news, counter an opponent’s offer, highlight some fresh new content on your website, or cash in on a product or service that Google Analytics is telling you is ‘flavour of the week or month’.They are also a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

By sharing valuable information, you’ll be seen as an authority in your field.So much so your readers may even share this new information with colleagues and friends – thus doing your marketing for you.Even if they don’t respond then and there, emails will remind your customers that you’re still around.At the very least they’ll get people talking about you and create brand awareness.

GWS can assist with every facet of your email campaigns, from helping you build your database to composing compelling targeted eDMs that get attention, generate interest, pique desire and prompt action.We will also ensure that each email performs supremely well in terms of opens and click through rates by continually testing everything from subject lines to the day and time your emails are despatched.

Direct mail

There is nothing so impactful in this electronic age as having something interesting land on your desk, or arrive in your letterbox along with all the boring bills and flyers.

At GWS, we love direct mail because it allows us to get creative – in some cases, wildly creative – yet still stay true to your brand and remain on message.

Direct mail campaigns we have been involved with over the years include everything from simple catalogues, postcards and discount coupons. One of the best things about direct mail is that it can capture your prospect’s full attention, free from distractions and competing messages.And not just any old prospect, but a precisely targeted one, carefully chosen from an accurately defined mailing list that matches target customers who should find your specially crafted message very appealing.

Your direct mail list can be designed, using parameters such as postcodes and socio-economic factors, or it can be made up of existing paying customers who may be more disposed to make a repeat purchase.Either way, it will be an extremely accountable campaign; you’ll know exactly what it cost you and, at the end of the day, what your ROI was based on the number of responses.Depending on its degree of success, GWS will suggest repeating the campaign, perhaps on a secondary market, fine-tuning it to achieve an even higher response, or carrying out a follow-up campaign.

GWS:The Most Reliable Email Marketing Services Agency In Pune

Since the mid-90s Email marketing has been an initial and important marketing tool since people in general started using emails for communication. Even after being present for over two decades, GWS, a leading email marketing Services Company believes it is hard to see why any business would not like to have email marketing. It remains one of the fastest, yet cheapest maintaining a good brand recall value rate for marketing.

GWS’ email marketing in Pune is looked by experienced email experts. Our experience as an email marketing agency shows that old way of doing email is out of market. The older way of mass mailing to a set list of subscribers end up being in spam. It still might have good content and objective, but the old system fails to offer any concrete returns.

New challenges bring new opportunities. A new breed of email has carved a niche out in the online marketing space. Such emails are highly targeted and personalized that engages the target audience.

Database and Subscribers

At GWS, we do a little bit of research along with you on your existing database. Firstly, if you don’t have an existing data base, we will help you create one. We try to filter out customers who are already interested in your brand and want to be engaged regularly. That means sending emails to a list of people who have already chosen to hear from you actively.

Customised Email Templates

Before we start sending emails to the target audience, the team at GWS will create effective, vibrant and eye catchy designs and templates that suits your business. Once the design is finalized, we will develop email template that can be used to target a wide array of customer base.

Email Content

We have learnt that through our email marketing that email content is the most important segment of the email marketing. An effective content in the email directly connects with the reader / customer. Starting from the subject line till the last line, it is all about an effective content.

Distribution and Sending

To achieve the best results and outcome, bulk email marketing campaigns need several tricks and tips. It can be classification of the database, managing the subscription, time and nature of the email being sent and leaving you stress free on this type of marketing, our specialists will ensure to get the best out of it.